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Our School shines brightly at Christmas

I was lucky to experience four wonderful things in the one day at our 'Little School with a Big Heart' today.

Firstly Andy, our BASC manager and champion paddler, showed me the Certificate of Thanks she had received from Nicole at Sacred Heart Mission. This was in recognition of and thanks for the fantastic effort of Andy, Neil, Gr 6 student Maya and parent Jessica in the recent Massive Murray Paddle. Not only did they paddle for 4 days straight but they raised $5000 for Sacred Heart Mission. CONGRATULATIONS. #sacredheartmission #fundraising #massivemurraypaddle

It was the last school assembly for 2020, and we farewelled our Gr 6 students and some staff

members. The Gr 5 students took it in turn to introduce a Gr 6 student. Each Gr 6 student then spoke about their time at St Columba. They were all wonderful, touching, funny and clever. Pictured are Gr 6 students Isla, Carlos and Monica. Leaving teacher Ms Pagnani and some support staff were also farewelled in moving speeches by the students.

The assembly also featured the final Advent liturgy. Students (with support from REC Ms Cromie) celebrated this special time with beautiful prayers and blessings. #christmas #advent #stcolumbaprimaryschool

Friday was also the day for St Columba's ride-a-thon. What an effort by coordinator (parent) Regina (she declared she needed to go home and sleep for a week!) All students were

supported to participate in the up to 10km ride and were supervised by staff and a huge contingent of volunteer parents and older siblings. The children had obtained sponsors for the ride-a-thon and are raising money towards a new playground. Congratulations to Regina and all parents, staff and students involved. #bikeathon

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