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Reporting an issue or concern

Our Parish will listen and support you.

Any person (e.g. child, young person, adult, priest, employee, volunteer) can make a report in relation to current or historical child abuse or child-safety related misconduct.
All clergy, employees and volunteers are required to make a report if they have formed a ‘reasonable belief’ that a child or young person has experienced abuse, is experiencing abuse or is at risk of harm from child-safety related misconduct.
All concerns, allegations or complaints of current or historical abuse and child-safety related misconduct will be taken seriously, treated with sensitivity, and acted upon consistent with the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne’s moral, ethical and legal obligations.
Depending on the nature of the behaviour that is reported (e.g. a criminal act) the matter will be immediately reported to Victoria Police for action. If the behaviour is deemed child-safety related misconduct (i.e. not criminal behaviour), the matter will be referred for investigation and subsequent disciplinary action, if the matter is substantiated. All child abuse or child-safety related misconduct matters are reported to the Reportable Conduct Scheme (Commission for Children and Young People).