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Service and Support Program

Living the spirit of our parish

There are two ways in which you can make a huge difference for our parish and community.

1. Support

Making a regular weekly or monthly contribution to the Parish support program makes a huge difference to the services we provide to our parish community.

2. Service

In the words of St Paul, we are many parts but of one body with gifts to share in care of one another. In our parish which encompasses our school and Mission, it is sharing those gifts, in service care and compassion for the betterment of our community at large.

Our achievements

We are thankful for what your support in recent years has helped us achieve:

  • Ongoing pastoral care and support of our school

  • Hospital visits 

  • Bereavement support

  • Funeral support (particular for our homeless and Mission community)

  • Improvement of our liturgical spaces, including opening up the sanctuary space at Sacred Heart Church and providing altar extensions with ramps in both churches

  • A major electrical system replacement at St Columba for the safety and security of the church

  • Installation of our new Mary McKillop Chapels in both churches 

  • The day-to-day running and support of the parish, including our finance team

  • Establishment of working groups and committees to support initiatives around our parish

Our future 

We look to the future and what we need to achieve to keep supporting our parish community to re-orientate a church in a world calling us to be present in many new ways.

Your pledge

We know some can only give of their talents and time in service, others are able to financially contribute to our regular support program. We are grateful for both.

What do I give?

This is always the hardest question to answer. As a starting point, consider what is left after paying the essentials in your life, like your mortgage and bills and what you spend on entertainment, like movies, coffee and dining out. Ask yourself, “What is my pledge to the Parish, compared to these activities?”, and decide what might be an appropriate pledge weekly or monthly.

Ways to give

  1. Credit card deduction/direct debit payment: You can set up your own credit card regular giving below. For direct debit fill in the direct debit for m and return to the Parish office.

  2. Envelopes, which you add to the collection each week: Contact the Parish office to join the envelope system.

  3. Cash in the weekly collection: We have now started a tap and go, which is set at $5, just tap your credit card during collection. If you want to give more, just tap as many times as you like. ​

Willing the Parish on!

  • Have you considered Sacred Heart and St Columba Parish in your will?

  • Your bequest will be put to good use. You can leave a specific amount for general use or like in many cases an amount for a specific project.

  • Please contact the Parish office to learn more.​​


Thank you for your service and support of our Parish community. If you would like further information please feel to contact us.

Set up regular giving using credit card

Set up direct debit from your bank

View the service and support brochure

Using for regular credit card giving

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