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the Month of Remembrance

Remembering all those who lived the Risen Christ in our lives…..”.

Cynthia Joseph.jpg

Cynthia Joseph

Remembering Cynthia who lived the Risen Christ in my life by teaching us to store riches in heaven than on earth.

Rose, Cynthia's mother

Kerry Clancy.jpeg

Kerry Clancy 7 August 1951 - 7 June 2020

I’m not sure he would consider himself a ’Saint’, but he did work for decades as a criminal lawyer in Wangaratta and quietly helped so many desperate people put their lives back together.  So many of his old clients contacted us after he died and spoke of how much his care meant to them.  He treated them kindly, while still offering firm advice and taking the time to urge them to do better and make good choices for the rest of their lives.  So many of them did, and were grateful that he would always stop for a chat and check-in on how they were doing.  

Meg Taylor, Kerry's daughter

Maria George.jpg

Maria George

Remembering Maria George who lived
the Risen Christ in my life by her self sacrificing help, care, love given to Cynthia and me.


Libera and Michael Scotto.jpg

Libera and Michael Scotto

“Remembering my parents, Libera and Michael Scotto who lived the Risen Christ in my life by their total devotion to family, their love of hospitality and their boundless generosity. I cannot thank them enough for the values they instilled in me which have helped shape the person I am. Whilst I miss them dearly, their spiritual  presence is with me every day". Antonietta (Toni)

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