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Our fathers

May we remember the love of our fathers and father figures this fathers day.

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David Cropley

You continue to bring joy and happiness to our family. You are the rock on which we all stand. Love you Dad

Gianpaolo Marcon

An adventurous and caring father who taught us the importance as well as the rewards that come from hard work and caring for God and God's creation on Earth.

Gianpaulo Marcon.png

Patrick Finlayson

My father Patrick was a good father. Kind and generous. He came to Australia in 1960 with my mum and six children. He worked hard to look after and care for his family. He is missed and always in my prayers. Jim Finlayson

Peter Sims

A source of wit and wisdom, sorely missed.
Jane Sims


Michele (Michael) Scotto

My dad, Michele (Michael), gave me life and boundless love. His courage, strength and tenacity in the face of adversity was inspirational. Dad's stories of his life in Italy, his early years in Australia, his marriage to mum and memories of our family will be forever a part of me. I am so grateful that dad was still with us when I gave birth to Jeremy especially as I had lost my mum 5 years earlier. Just as he was a loving father to us three kids, Dad was a doting grandfather as this photo of him holding Jeremy, who is only a few weeks old, attests. I really miss my dad but I have a wealth of wonderful memories of him.
Antonietta (Toni) Vatta

Rob Vatta

This is a photograph of my father and I on our first Father's Day. I would like to thank him for being so supportive over the last fifteen years, and for being a constant source of humour and joy.
Jeremy Vatta

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Trevor Fletcher

Thanks Dad for always looking after us and making us giggle like little girls. We love you! Jordan and India

Martin Ezeani

To a wonderful father on this special day, we love you very  much and we are reminded daily of your devotion and love for your family. Have a happy Father's Day Dada. Veronica and Chimamanda

Alex Mladen.JPG

Alex Mladen

This is my Dad, my sister and I two Christmas' ago.  Shout out to Dad's sock fashion.

I can't say it better than my Mum did, she made "Allie's Special Book" when I was about 5, a new page each night...

"Daddy's are special, they're lots of fun.

They can throw you around, almost as high as the sun.

The give lovely cuddles with adventures a treat.

Tuck you safely in bed and sing you sweetly to sleep."

Now, my Dad is no song bird, but he has always made me feel safe. Allie Mladen

Michael Ellis

Thank you dad for always making us laugh and for explaining life to us truthfully.

Michael Ellis.JPG
Nabeh Neville Gittany.jpeg

Nabeh Neville Gittany

For teaching me patience, and that silence does contain answers.

Cherylanne Almeida

Happy Fathers Day Dada.
Miss you. Cheryl

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