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Sharing prayerful intentions with our parish family

Pilar Martinez Dios

We pray for Pilar who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Antun Bogovic

Antun died suddenly on Friday 4th September 2020. We pray for him and his wife, Maria, his children, Juliette and Lucas, his family and his friends who are all devastated by his loss.

Sarah O'Brien

Who died recently. Sarah was visited regularly while in palliative care by one of our wonderful volunteers. May she rest in peace.

Angus Mill

Who died recently and was the grandfather of one of our wonderful teachers.

Theresa Fitzpatrick

We pray for Theresa who died recently in Queensland and for her daughter Stephanie who works at SHM and wasn't able to attend her mother's funeral.

Maggie McKewan

We pray for Maggie, from our SHM Community, who died peacefully this week.

Maria George

We pray for Maria who is seriously ill.

Colin Nettlebeck

We pray for Colin, Carol and their family during his illness.

Chris Cullen

Who died recently form our 11am Mass community

Colette Hickey

Who died recently. Colette was Principal at St Columba's from 1988 to 1997.

Maria Borgia

We pray for the family and friends of Maria on her one anniversary.

Libera Scotto

We pray for her daughter, Toni Vatta and her family, on the 20th anniversary of her death.

Alan Reed

We pray for the family and friends of Alan Reed on his one year anniversary.

Tom Calleson

Who passed away this week from our Sacred Heart Community

Delia Dempsey

Noreen's sister, who died recently and we pray for Noreen in her grief.

Sharon Bayley

We pray for healing in her illness


We pray for Casey, who is travelling to NSW to be with her family and her father who is terminally ill.

John Ensabella

That he will also undergo a successful operation and re-cuperate successfully.


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