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Patricia (Pat) Herkess

Patricia (Pat) Herkess passed away peacefully on 11 March 2022 at the age of 96. Pat raised two wonderful sons after her husband died at a very young age and her life was dedicated to caring for others - as a nurse and a wonderful mother and friend. She was a devoted member of our St Columba community and the Elwood Legion of Mary and will be greatly missed.

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Rosario Morina

Rosario died peacefully and is now reunited with his beloved sister Domenica, who died last year. Rosario and Domenica were long term Elwood parishioners.

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Bill Richards

We pray for Bill, who died peacefully after a long battle. We thank Helen, Bill's devoted wife, for her never ending care and love for Bill. We also remember Bill's children and grandchildren.

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Elaine Barker

Elaine was one of the dedicated parish workers who helped set up Sacred Heart Mission with Fr Ernie Smith. She continued to work for our parish for many years, retiring in 2009 to spent more time with her beloved husband Brian.
Elaine died peacefully on Tuesday 9 November with Brian by her side.

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Maria Palumbo

An adored aunt of Toni Vatta, Maria passed away this week after a long battle with Motor Neurone Disease. She was a very devout Catholic and a solid member of her parish of Christ the King in Fremantle. We pray for her husband, three adult children, daughter in law and two grandchildren who are grieving her loss.

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Norma Tyley

A devoted St Columba parishioner who passed away peacefully on 11 September aged 94 years. Norma was a dedicated mass volunteer and member of the Legion of Mary until ill health slowed her down. Norma's friends and neighbours showed the love of Jesus in their care and love for her.

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Noreen Dempsey

Who gently left us for her place of eternal rest on 8 September. One of our long-term Sacred Heart parishioners, originally from Ireland, Noreen could always be seen welcoming, setting-up, helping with hospitality, giving Communion etc. We remember her sister, Kathleen in Manchester who grieves deeply for her, and all Noreen’s friends, especially from the Irish community who looked to Noreen’s needs, especially in her moments of illness. We thank them for their generous, self-giving hearts.

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Felipe Samper

Beloved father of Patrice, who passed away recently.

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Doug Heighway

A long-term resident of the Sacred Heart Mission Hostel; a friendly man who, though he struggled to speak always acknowledged the care and friendship of others. May He Rest In Peace

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Daniel Voyles

A long-term parishioner of Sacred Heart Church, a tall man with a large heart who will be sadly missed by 11am Mass regulars and especially, the Irish community, who gave him wonderful support in his older years – despite his insistence on maintaining his independence – true Irish grit.

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Domenica Morina

A devoted sister to her brothers, Domenica supported them through many tough times. We especially remember Rosario at this time and pray that Domenica is reunited with their parents.

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Maureen Stewart

A beloved wife (Ian deceased), mother, grandmother and friend. Maureen and Ian were incredibly dedicated to and supportive of our Parish and Sacred Heart Mission. She will be greatly missed. 11 July 2021

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Nivaldo Baeta de Souza

The father of Jeferson, our wonderful pianist and member of our PLDT member. who died in Brazil. We pray for Jeferson and his family here in and in Brazil. May Nivaldo rest in peace.

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Carmela Simonetta

A faithful St Columba parishioner who passed away on 28 June. We pray for her husband Ilario, her children and extended family at this difficult time.

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Iolanda Mortale

Loved friend of Antoinetta who passed away recently. We pray for her daughter Maria and other family and friends at this difficult time.
2 May 2021

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Nicola (Nick) Borgia

On the 7th anniversary of Nick’s death, we pray for his family and friends.
18 April 2021

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Fr Ernie Smith

We celebrate the third anniversary of Fr Ernie Smith, the inspiration behind and co-founder of Sacred Heart Mission and pray for his family and friends.

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Oscar Lee

Oscar passed away on 30 November. He was a loving, kind, and caring father, brother, son, and husband. May he find peace in the good Lord’s arm. May God guide and light papa’s way back to HIM. I will wait the day that we will meet again. Oscar's daughter Liz

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Fred Menzies

Fred passed away on 16 November after a long battle with cancer. Fred was a long time parishioner at St Martin's in Avondale Heights and he and his wife Mary dedicated themselves to many ministries. We pray for Fred, his son David and his extended family.

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Colin Nettlebeck

We pray for Colin, Carol and their family during his illness.

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Bruna Skerl

We pray for the Vatta & Skrbec families as they mourn the loss of their cousin, Bruna who died in Italy on 3/11/2020".

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Mary Fisher

We pray for Leonie Hinton as she mourns the loss of her sister, Mary. We pray for all of Mary's family and friends at this time.

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Peter Cropley

Loved uncle of Adrian who died suddenly in England. We pray for Peter, his wife and all their family at this difficult time.

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Maria George

We pray for Maria who died peacefully at home. She gave so much to our Parish and will be greatly missed. Our prayers and thoughts are with Denis, Sarah, Matt, David and their families.

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Cynthia Joseph

Remembering Cynthia who lived the Risen Christ in my life by teaching us to store riches in heaven than on earth.

Rose, Cynthia's mother

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Michele (Michael) Scotto

On the tenth anniversary of Michael's death we pray for his family, particularly his daughter Toni Vatta.

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Pilar Martinez Dios

We pray for Pilar who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

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John Ensabella

That he will also undergo a successful operation and re-cuperate successfully.

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Antun Bogovic

Antun died suddenly on Friday 4th September 2020. We pray for him and his wife, Maria, his children, Juliette and Lucas, his family and his friends who are all devastated by his loss.

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Sarah O'Brien

Who died recently. Sarah was visited regularly while in palliative care by one of our wonderful volunteers. May she rest in peace.

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Angus Mill

Who died recently and was the grandfather of one of our wonderful teachers.

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Theresa Fitzpatrick

We pray for Theresa who died recently in Queensland and for her daughter Stephanie who works at SHM and wasn't able to attend her mother's funeral.

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Maggie McKewan

We pray for Maggie, from our SHM Community, who died peacefully this week.

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Chris Cullen

Who died recently form our 11am Mass community

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Colette Hickey

Who died recently. Colette was Principal at St Columba's from 1988 to 1997.

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Maria Borgia

We pray for the family and friends of Maria on her one anniversary.

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Libera Scotto

We pray for her daughter, Toni Vatta and her family, on the 20th anniversary of her death.

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Alan Reed

We pray for the family and friends of Alan Reed on his one year anniversary.

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Tom Calleson

Who passed away this week from our Sacred Heart Community

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Delia Dempsey

Noreen's sister, who died recently and we pray for Noreen in her grief.

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Sharon Bayley

We pray for healing in her illness

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We pray for Casey, who is travelling to NSW to be with her family and her father who is terminally ill.


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