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Ways to get involved in our Parish

There's something for everyone and you are welcome

Casting the net

Ministry Team

Before, after and during various Mass services

Join this team of  volunteers who support the running of our Masses

New members are very warmly welcome. Find out more about the different ways you can get involved.


Parish Leadership and Development Team (P.L.D.T)

First Thursday of the month
7.15pm Parish House

Our Parish Leadership and Development Group (P.L.D.T) are a diverse group of people from our Sacred Heart and St Columba communities who lead the development of our parish.  New members are very welcome, meet the P.L.D.T and find out more about their role and how you can get involved

Mass at our Mission Hostel

Liturgy group

Second Thursday of the month
7.30pm Parish House

The Liturgy Group meet every second Thursday of the month at the Parish House at 7.30 p.m. until about 9.00 p.m.

20190906_210250 (1)_edited.jpg

Young Adults of Sacred Heart and St Columba Parish

Meets at the Parish HouseContact our Youth Minister for details

This group is for young adults 20s and 30s

Sister Caroline middle.jpg

Faith and the Environment

Get in contact

Currently Sr Caroline Vaitkunis, with support from Christine Mitchell, offers information on care for our environment through the newsletter and on the boards at each church.  Ideally, we would like to establish an active Faith and Environment group.

Reading Bible

Small Christian Community

Last Monday of the month
7.30pm Parish House

This small group of parishioners meets monthly, to read, share and reflect on the Gospel ​

Find out more and come along and enjoy a welcome reflection.

Adult Baptism Sacred Heart

Rite of Christian Initiation (R.C.I.A)

Every Second Saturday
4pm Parish House

The R.C.I.A is a process through which people are initiated into the Catholic Church, that is, people from other faiths or no faith. It is also for baptised Catholics who wish to complete their full initiation in the Catholic tradition.

Take the journey or support someone who needs a sponsor


Finance Group

Monday evenings - quarterly
7.30pm Parish House

If you have financial skills, why not join our Finance Group. You will only need to give an hour and a half of your time and knowledge several times during the year to discuss the Parish finances. Monthly and quarterly reports are provided and significant requests for expenditure are discussed and determined.

The group usually meets on a Monday evening at 7.30pm at the Parish House. Anyone interested can speak to Jane at the office.

Carlo Talking to Parishioner at Sacred Heart

After Mass Hospitality Group

After various Mass services

Having a cuppa and biscuit after mass is a great way to meeting and mingling with other parishioners after Mass. Often we shake hands with people at the peace gesture in the mass but go no further in engaging with one another.

This is a great way of engagement and building a greater sense of community.

Anne Dexter co-ordinates the 11.00 a.m. Sacred Heart Mass Hospitality Group and Dom Tesoriero co-ordinates the 9.00 a.m. St Columba group.  

If you would like to lend a hand in setting-up, baking, washing dishes and packing up, please see one of these co-ordinators.


Elwood Legion of Mary

Every Friday
9.30am Parish House

Our Elwood Legion of Mary group was formed in 2002 and meets on Friday mornings at 9.30am in the Parish House in Elwood.

Members pray the rosary and report on work allocated for the week. This includes visiting sick and isolated parishioners at home, in hospital or in aged care. The Legion provides additional support to our Mission aged care communities and to our regular Mass of Anointing.

New members are warmly welcomed.

Holding Hands

St Kilda Legion of Mary

Every Friday
10.30am Sacred Heart Community

The Legion of Mary in St Kilda West parish recently celebrated its 2500th weekly meeting so it has been established in the parish for around 50 years.  We gather together in the Lifestyle room at Sacred Heart Community, 101 Grey St, St Kilda West each Friday.

As well as praying the rosary and studying spiritual readings at our meetings, legionaries of Mary report on the work allocated in the previous week.

The work includes conducting the piety stall and organising refreshments after Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart church, and visiting other hostel residents in Grey Street and Robe Street.

Donated food for St Vinnies.jpeg

St Vincent de Paul

Third Wednesday night of the month
7.30pm Parish House

Members of our Elwood St Kilda West St Vincent de Paul conference provide food and material aid to families and individuals in need in our parish and local community.

Our conference meets at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of each month in the Parish House. Members work in pairs and are rostered on to make scheduled visits with food parcels etc. Some members do this during the day, some on weekends. A food & essential items pantry at the Parish House is kept stocked by donations from parishioners.

New members are warmly welcome and can contact President Jacquie Robilliard.

Senior Couple Meditating

Meditative Morning Prayer

Thursday morning
8am Sacred Heart Church

A meditative morning prayer group is held at Sacred Heart Church on Thursday mornings 8am-8.30am. This involves a simple opening prayer, a chant, silent time, a short scripture reading and a final prayer. It is a small peaceful group and a lovely way to start the day. No cost and no commitment needed - just come along when you can and share this special time.

Holding Hands

Bereavement Group

Quarterly, as arranged by members

The Bereavement group are a group of people who provide support in prayer or hospitality at funerals, this is especially important for those who die without family or friends. This group also visits families after a death of a loved one.

We meet a few times a year to discuss our experiences.

The Parish also look to provide formation opportunities in grief and support to people in this group.

If you would like to join this group, please feel free to contact us.

Senior Men Playing Chess

Volunteer Pastoral Care Group

Various dates

This group of people offer friendship and accompaniment to people at the Sacred Heart Aged Care Hostels.

Each person brings their own gifts to this group. Some attend the hostels masses, held on alternative weeks at each hostel at 2.00 p.m. on Tuesdays; and stay for afternoon tea where we sit with various residents and simply chat or sing. Others go into the hostels and talk to anyone who need someone to talk with that day. Others have specific people they visit regularly in the hostels. Sometimes, residents are happy just to have your presence and hold your hand. It is an act of pure pastoral care, being a presence, providing a listening ear or story- telling. 

If you would like further information on this group, please feel free to contact us.

Laughing Yoga

Monday Night Meditation

Monday night
7.40pm Sacred Heart Church

In the words of Fr Laurence Freeman, who leads a worldwide organisation, meditation is a path away from self.

There are Christian meditation groups around Australia, one of which meets in Sacred Heart church. It is a small, friendly group whose membership is not restricted to Sacred Heart parishioners.

We listen to a recorded talk followed by meditation for thirty minutes, and at times meet in members’ homes. Some of us are theologically inclined; some adhere closely to the methods of Fr Freeman; others just go with the flow. All appreciate the stillness and community that meditation groups offer.

We meet on Mondays at the entrance to Sacred Heart Mission around 7.40 pm., except on public holidays. Contact Eden or Susan for further information.

Sacred Heart church

Maintenance Group

Meeting times arranged by members
Parish House

Our maintenance needs continue to challenge us. If anyone would like to offer their time and expertise to assist this group please feel free to contact us.

women discussion group

Christian Life Community (C.L.C)

Alternate Sunday nights
Parish House

Simply put, a life group is a group of friends (new and existing) who are intentional about having spiritual conversations and following Christ. We have two groups that alternate meeting on a Sunday night at the Parish House.

Contact Jo or Janine for further details.

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