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Mass at our Mission Hostel

Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group meet every second Thursday of the month at the Parish House at 7.30 p.m. until about 9.00 p.m.

We begin with a reflection/prayer and we go on to discuss forthcoming feast days or seasons. We come up with ideas on how we can creatively present these feasts or seasons through symbol, prayer, song and environment.

Once a month a member of the committee will write the Prayer of the Faithful. During Lent and Advent, the committee are responsible for writing that season’s prayer, and may even include the Opening Prayer, Closing Prayer and Penitential Rite.

At our great liturgical feasts, such as Easter and Christmas, members take an active role at those masses.

We are currently looking for new members as we recently loss three members due to moving out the parish and job demands. Don’t be frightened at the thought of writing prayers, if you have never done this, as support is provided to you. It is a creative and spiritual group and you are welcome to come and see what we do.

You can speak to Daniel O’Connor (Sacred Heart), Ancita Beale (St Columba, 9.00a.m), Christine or Fr John. 

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