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With the strength of St Joseph

Happy Feast day of St Joseph!!!

In the face of fear, uncertainty and danger, St. Joseph chose faith, hope and trust. A strong and loving father who put his life in the hands of God and fiercely protected Mother Mary and the infant Jesus. May he too protect us, show us tender love and comfort and give us strength in this time of uncertainty.

Pope Francis has invited us all around the world to unite in praying the Rosary together at 9PM TODAY (the feast of St Joseph), for the protection of families, the sick, those who care for them and health care workers.

“Every family, every member of the faithful, every religious community: All of us spiritually united tomorrow (Thursday) at 9pm in praying the Rosary, the Luminous Mysteries...And we ask that He especially protect our families, in particular the sick and those who care for them: doctors, nurses, and volunteers, who risk their lives in this service.” Pope Francis

A poem to Saint Joseph (God’s Word Daily Reflections 2020):

“The angel spoke to you, in a voice of dream -

Urged you to take as wife the Virgin mild,

The peerless, yet unknown, maiden Queen,

The chosen Mother of God’s only Child.

And you, the just and honest man of trade,

Did neither doubt nor hesitate to hear,

Acting as God’s own messenger had bade,

Disdaining disbelief and cowering fear.

O Carpenter of faith, could you have known,

That Mary’s babe was God’s anointed one -

Through whom Hell’s forces would be overthrown -

The splendour of the Father, God the Son?

Yet you submitted to the mystery,

Humbly to tread your path of sanctity.”

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