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What happened at the Rite of Election

In last weekend’s newsletter I wrote of our two catechumens (meaning: unbaptised), Alison and Allie who were going to the Cathedral to be enrolled in the Book of the Elect and are now known as the Elect. The excitement began to mount at the 11.00 a.m. Mass when Fr John called them out with the RCIA team present to sign the scroll of the Elect, which was handed in at the Cathedral for their names to be entered into the Book. At 2.30 p.m. Alison, her Godparent, Elizabeth; her partner, Sean; plus Allie and her Godparent, India; myself and the Song Family, who will enter our faith in 2021, arrived at the Cathedral to find that we were among 1,100 people who were about to formally acknowledge their readiness for the sacraments of initiation at Easter. We sang that they were holy, blessed and chosen. Archbishop Peter asked the Godparents if their catechumens were ready to go forward at Easter and there was a resounding ‘yes’. It was a very moving occasion and we were all emotional and joyful. Alison and Allie and their Godparents and supporters have spent the best part of a year attending formation in our parish, exploring the Gospel, developing a prayer life, learning of our tradition, attending worship regularly at the 11.00 a.m. service and embedding themselves ever deeply into Parish life. Let us pray for them as they go forward to Easter and beyond. They have given us as much as they have received. I asked them to write a few words about their experience, particularly at the Right of Election. Christine.

"To be among so many others who are on the same journey was moving, all of us standing together and reaffirming our commitment before we enter the final intense period of preparation. I was overwhelmed with joy and felt so blessed to be there with our RCIA team supporting Alison and I. The experience only confirmed for me again that I am home." Allie.

“I feel blessed to have found our parish and in particular those who have given their time to welcome me to the Catholic faith - Christine, India and Gerard. Together, Allie, my partner Sean and I have been lucky to have a safe and welcoming space to explore questions of faith. To me their commitment to us embodies all that the Church teaches. I cannot think of another aspect of my life where people have been so committed to my welcome. Though I am of course excited to become baptised and have my confirmation, I will miss our fortnightly Saturday afternoons, where we talk through the week’s gospel and what it means to us, how we can learn from it and be guided and inspired by it in our everyday lives. I feel like our parish has given me an enormous gift, and I look forward to trying to give as much back as I can.” Alison.

Parishioners are welcome to attend the RCIA at any time and for however long it suits. Your presence not only supports those ‘knocking at our door’ but gives us all the space to reflect and explore our own Christian faith journey and our relationship with God.

Contact me if you would like to come along at any time. Christine.

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