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Preparing for ACYF

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

"Dear friends, The Australian Catholic Youth Festival is a place where young people can gather to share faith and celebrate the vitality of the Catholic Church in Australia. You will meet with Church leaders, encounter the Sacraments, and discover God’s love for you and how you are called to be a disciple. Together, let us 'listen to what the spirit is saying'" - Peter A Comensoli, Archbishop of Melbourne

With one week to go until I fly off to Perth for my pilgrimage, I begin to prepare myself for the journey ahead to, as our Archbishop Comensoli said "listen to what the spirit is saying".

It was during my first encounter at ACYF in Sydney 2017 that I was overwhelmed by the presence of the spirit not only moving within myself, but amongst all the young people in our church. Who said there were no young people interested in the church? We are strong in hundreds of thousands all across our nation and we are not just interested in our Lord Jesus Christ, we are on fire, thirsting for his love and mercy! May he open our hearts and help us to discern our vocations - the most authentic way of loving him in our lives today and offer healing, comfort, hope and joy.

The program for the festival is up on their ACYF Perth 2019 app and you don't have to be a pilgrim to download it and keep up to date with the exciting things that are on offer. Perhaps you would like to consider joining me on the next pilgrimage in 2021? There is always opportunity for Christ to transform our lives, no matter where we are on the journey, and we should never fall into routine or compartmentalising Jesus in our lives. He is alive and with us always!

Lord may we receptive to hearing you call us in our everyday lives and respond with the same firey love you show us.

Please pray all young people attending ACYF this year and if you have any specific prayer intentions you would like me to pray for on my pilgrimage, you may leave a comment on this post.

For more updates and information for ACYF Melbourne Pilgrimage follow their Facebook page:

Many blessings to you all Youth Minister of Sacred Heart and St Columba.

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Dec 05, 2019

It's so lovely to read your inspiring words India. Wishing you a wonderful experience and I look forward to hearing more about the Festival.


Dec 01, 2019

Thanks so much for sharing this India, it is just fantastic you were able to join the conference. I really love the video

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