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Peace in the Storm

The 'new normal' for our young adults group didn't stop us from connecting in a deep and prayerful night (at a safe social distance and sanitised area). Together we caught up on what's been happening, reflected on the blessings and trials of lockdown, the uncertainty of the future, the cry of the poor, vulnerable and mistreated during these times. Together we prayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer and discussed how we can best follow God's will in our vocation - which includes our call to be missionary disciples - to be the living Gospel and carry the Sacred Heart of Jesus with us in every word, thought and action of our lives.

It was beautiful to listen to journey of each person's heart how we've learnt how to grow in charity, gratitude, appreciate the little moments with our families and friends, and realise that striving to buy that house and settle down comfortably will never fulfill the deepest longings in our hearts or bring peace on earth. For we were not made for comfort but greater plans. Whilst we continue to discern God's will, one thing we can be certain of (that the virus has vastly shown) is that we belong to one another; not just in our immediate circles but the entire world. From God (who is love) we came, and together we are called to unite with Him.

To conclude we lit candles and prayed for specific intentions for our parish, the world, our families, the dead and in thanksgiving for our lives. Leaving with new 'half year resolutions' we hope to continue in the light of Christ, growing in faith, hope and charity.

Perhaps tonight before you go to bed, light a candle and pray the Sacred Heart of Jesus prayer and a Haily Mary to our Mother on this feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Offer your own intentions and ask her to draw you closer to Her Son to reveal to you His will for your life. It's not something that is going to take or draw us away from what we desire but infact ignite the deepest desires of our heart, give us every goodness and lead us to eternal life.

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