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Joining the cashless society

Last weekend I attended our weekend masses for the launch of our Service and Support Program which gives a fresh approach to our annual thanksgiving program. Our wonderful parishioners, Adrian and Carlo, talked about our exciting new Program, including how we have finally embraced the technological age with options for cashless payments.

Parishioners can now support the parish via, a secure downloadable app and via our 'Tap and Go' machines - for those times you arrive at mass without any coins in your pockets!

Jim and Dom are pictured here showing us how easy it is to 'tap' and 'give' $5.

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01 dic 2019

It is amazing to have been able to launch these new initiatives and as much as technology can give you a headache, we are truly moving with the times. I know those who want to still use cash in collections and the regular envelopes can still do that. However for people like me and many others who never carry cash, it is a great initiative.

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