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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the Church! The feast of Pentecost marks the birth of the church. On listening to Bishop Robert Barron’s homily, I thought it’d be good to share some important points of his joyful message along with some Marian details of my own. For some of us, we have celebrated this feast year after year, for others this may be the first Pentecost feast, and perhaps even for some they may never have understood or even heard of Pentecost. No matter where you are on the journey, you are most welcome and may this message fill you with the breath of God, the Holy Spirit himself, our advocate who Jesus sent to be with us always and to “remind you of all that I have taught you”, making extraordinary the ordinary routines of life.

At mass every Sunday we recite the Creed - “I believe in one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church”. All four of these are graces from the Holy Spirit we can see at the event of Pentecost. So how are they still alive today?