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Angels of Care

During this time of social distancing, it’s important that we come together as a community to check in on each other. Angels of care is a group of volunteers from the St Kilda and Elwood area who are reaching out to those who might need a little extra support right now – a regular phone call, dropping off groceries or medicines, or just checking in. Although being physically close is hard right now because of the coronavirus, we can be close in the spirit of community and care.

If you need help from one of our angels, or you’d like to volunteer your support of others, please register through the parish website. We’re also seeking donations of non-perishable food and essential items or money so we can purchase supplies for those who need that extra support right now.

Register through our website or contact Jane Hearnes or Adrian Cropley

Today one of our Angels dropped off a little care package to one of our community members, who was too afraid to leave the house without a mask and some sanitiser. Oh, they were also out of toilet paper, we added a sneaky pack of Tim Tams to put a smile on her face. It will be the little things that make a big difference.

Let me share a prayer that might help, as we go about our work in care and compassion.

COVID-19: A Prayer of Solidarity

For all who have contracted coronavirus, We pray for care and healing. For those who are particularly vulnerable, We pray for safety and protection. For all who experience fear or anxiety, We pray for peace of mind and spirit. For affected families who are facing difficult decisions between food on the table or public safety, We pray for policies that recognize their plight. For those who do not have adequate health insurance, We pray that no family will face financial burdens alone. For those who are afraid to access care due to immigration status, We pray for recognition of the God-given dignity of all. For our brothers and sisters around the world, We pray for shared solidarity. For public officials and decisionmakers, We pray for wisdom and guidance. Father, during this time may your Church be a sign of hope, comfort and love to all. Grant peace. Grant comfort. Grant healing. Be with us, Lord. Amen.

COVID-19: A Prayer of Solidarity,” attribution:Copyright © 2020, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. All rights reserved. This text may be reproduced in whole or in part without alteration for nonprofit educational use, provided such reprints are not sold and include this notice.

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Apr 09, 2020

How true this is Adrian. This is our most important work right now and how fitting that we should be doing this during Lent. It is our way of giving alms. As I read your message tonight on Holy Thursday, we remember all in our parish who are at home, those we've called and all those present in our prayers and thoughts. Jesus reached out and washed the feet of the disciples and indeed all who came to follow him, as Sr Brigid Arthur so poignantly pointed out tonight in her reflection. So too do we reach out our hands in this virtual space, over telephone lines, emails and text messages in faith and loving service. Never feel alone. "For…

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