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Young women of Sacred Heart and St Columba

September 6 2019

Good news! Last Friday night was the first young women’s dinner and talk series, “Full of Grace”, and what a fruitful night it was! The guests arrived early with gifts of food in their

hands and left late in the night with gifts of hope and joy! Together we prayed, shared and reflected on our loving relationship with our Mother Mary, a model for us all who leads us closer to her son, our Lord. 

It was a blessed night with the forming of new friendships that joined together on Sunday at mass and caught up for lunch afterwards. We can’t wait for the next dinner! Many sent their apologies for the first gathering, promising to come along to our next gathering. There is still space for others and thus I’d like to extend an invitation for all young women in their 20s and 30s who would like to join us on Friday 4 October @ 6:30pm at the Parish House, where we will learn and pray about Jesus’ disciple Mary Magdalene.

There are sign-up sheets in both churches, and please do not be shy about approaching our Youth Minister, India over a cup of tea after mass or hop onto our Facebook: Young Adults of Sacred Heart and St Columba. 

We hope to branch out to more youth, that includes young men, into the New Year. A special thanks to Joan Davies of the Legion of Mary, Fiona Lynch, the PLDT and all parishioners who supported us in their prayers! May the Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for us and protect the young, the future of our church!