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The Holy Family

Happy Feast day! Let us look towards the Holy Family as an example not only for our own immediate family, but our community as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. A family that looks after one another, nurtures them birth to death in love, for love and out of love.

Today, let us pray for families who are broken, greiving, separated, wounded, seeking asylum and fleeing from bush fires this summer. As Joseph and Mary fled with baby Jesus, we can look towards them for encouragement - a family who placed their trust in God and looked after one another in love, for love and out of love.

As Jesus embraces us as His family, let us embrace one another as brothers and sisters.

During today's celebration of the feast of the Holy Family, I encourage you to do something in the spirit of love with your family or to someone who has nurtured you as their own family. Whether it be a kind word, a hug, a phone call, a shared cup of tea, a meal or a silent prayer for them or with them. Perhaps you'd like to reconcile a disagreement or wound in the family - let us pray for humility, strength, wisdom, forgiveness and sincercity in our hearts. All things are possible with God - His love and mercies are never ending.

May the Holy Family guide, protect and strengthen you and the hearts of your family. Amen.

God bless you my dear brothers and sisters.

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