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Serving and Sharing Gifts: The Work of an Apostle

Though restrictions have tightened again, the young adults have still been able to meet together with a maximum of 10 people each week. Last Friday, a very enthusiastic Ilya led a reflection on Jesus’ parable of the talents. His wonderful session spurred much discussion about our own lives and motivated other young adults to share their gifts and lead a gospel reflection, prayer night and/or formation teaching. This gives a chance for everyone to participate and contribute their own gifts, learn and explore more of the faith together. We give thanks to the Holy Spirit’s inspirations and pray for courage and wisdom in spreading the Good News and that our gifts may be always brought into the light to be shared with others. As the parable of the talents revealed to us, we must not hide in fear or hold onto our talent for safe keeping but trust in God’s will that He has good plans for us, letting go off the things that hold us back and giving thanks that He has given us exactly what we need to bring goodness into the world.

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