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Get help and give help during social isolation

During this time of coronavirus (COVID-19) there are lots of fears around our community. It is important that we stay connected, keep informed and have access to our daily needs especially during social distancing efforts to control the spread of this virus. Here you can reach out to our Parish community for support or even offer support to someone who needs help.


Need support?  Or would you like to offer support?

Reach out now

During COVID-19 If you do not have family or friends who are supporting you right now. Whether it is just an ear to listen to, someone who can help fetch food or medication, let us know as we can put you in touch with one of our many volunteer Angels of Care. They will call you and chat with you about your needs.  Don't feel isolated and alone, just reach out and let someone call.

If you have the capacity right now to help someone in need, whether it is just a regular phone call to someone who's isolated or has incapacitated, Running a few errands, like dropping off food, etc. Please sign up to be one of our Angels of Care. 

Although keeping a physical distance is required right now and no in-home visits will happen.  Social contact is still important as well as basic supplies being dropped off.

I would like

We would appreciate help in terms of basic supplies and food or money to purchase these items


You can contact our Parish office to organise food drop off's and the safest way to do that.

If you would like to make a donation, monies collected will go into purchasing food and essentials.


Pray for clean hands

Well not anymore, rather than singing Happy Birthday, try saying the Lord's prayer, it works well. Millicent shows us how. Thanks, Millicent for sharing this video and Neville for a great idea.


Some handy information

Food for life

Vegetarian meal delivery for those who might need a little support.


here is the link to St Vincent De Paul Society who are supporting those in need during this crisis


(03) 9531 6120

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