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The power of prayer

Last Friday night, still during the holiday season our Young Adults gathered to for dinner and to talk about the importance of prayer - the breath of the spirit.

To pray is to unite our hearts and minds to God, to be in an intimate relationship with our loving Father. It is important we never forget that we are always first His sons and daughters, therefore we should not be afraid to turn to Him.

We dont have to be perfect in our prayer, we can never be perfect and God loves us exactly how we are, with all our mess. He wants to know us intimately and nothing is too hard or boring for God. Take our everyday joys, pains, challenges, fears and achievements to God, He wants us to want Him to be a part of our lives - to journey together!

We pray in different forms, environments, with images, scripture, music, people and the list continues. There is no hard and fast rule about form or type of prayer is right - the only thing that must be constant is our sincerity.

To be in a healthy relationship is to be authentic, honest, trusting, to persevere and to listen. When we stop praying we forget the constant presence of God, we let our fears take over because we think we are alone or we reject moments of grace. To think we do not need prayer is to lose faith, to make ourselves our own God.

It is when we listen that the true fruits of our prayer come forth. That God's graces work in us. Sometimes God speaks to us through our experiences, encounters with people, scripture and even His saints.

We must be always listening for the ways God speaks to us through prayer, coming to know Him. By discerning His will is how we can better understand how He speaks to us and is working through Our lives. But as we know, discernment is a time honoured practise that requires patience and trust.

Sometimes our prayers aren't answered but we must trust that God has an even better plan for us that we can ever fathom. First, we must stop and listen.

"God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer" - St Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Pray my dear brothers and sisters, pray.


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