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Responding to the Corona Virus Pandemic

During this time of uncertainty, let us not turn against one another, but in the spirit of love that we demonstrated so well to the Bushfire crisis, looking after one another, reaching out in charity, mercy, hope and compassion instead of running in fear, grasping in anxiety, hiding in suspicion, consuming out of self-interest and feeding into hyped emotions and worries. Jesus Christ calls us out of ourselves, out of our self-interests, worries and greed to be Christ to one another, the source of love(charity); "truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

Already we have seen the light in the darkness with leadership in Woolworths delivering free toilet rolls to the elderly via Meals on Wheels and opening up their store an hour early exclusively for them, looking after the most vunerable.

Pope Francis' Response

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis invites us to unite ourselves as one body in Christ in the spiritual communion of the Eucharist, as governments across the world encourage citizens to stay at home to fight the spread of the Corona virus - “In this situation of pandemic, in which we find ourselves living more or less isolated, we are invited to rediscover and deepen the value of the communion that unites all the members of the Church.”

Public Mass

Though mass is still available, it is less accessible with the closing of churches such as St Francis in the city with our government asking gatherings of up to 500 people to cease as a preventative measure.